Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the Edge

 Pressure: it can turn a lump of coal into a flawless diamond or an average person into a perfect basketcase.

 Good thing I don't drink, I'd probably be taking the Drunkard's Path.

Day 98 of the LOA wait.  If this doesn't end soon I'm going to need a 12-step program.


  1. Oh, Holly! I'm so sorry. It is hard to understand it all. There is never any rhyme or reason to any of it. With Joy, I had a quick LOA and a 5 week wait for TA pre-Hague! Crazy. One adoption was LOA on 65 and another LOA on day 86. Hang in there. It will soon be over. Hugs to you!

  2. So sorry! Hate to be a downer but we had a wait of 156 days....I don't recommend it. ): Praying really hard that it comes this week.

  3. Thank you, your encouragement means a lot.