Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Barn Updates

 The parlor is moving along.  Kenton's thinking maybe in June it will be ready.  I'm not sure HOW that will happen since field work is starting...but he's Mr. Positive Thinking.

Palpation rails in the walkway.

Return lane from the parlor.  Like those manure grates?

You may have seen this picture in another form.  Sometimes I forget what has changed and what hasn't.

Cows' heads will stick out of these while they're being milked.  When done, the fronts will come up releasing the cows into the return lane and the next batch will be pushed in to milk.   At the back side of these, you can barely see what has to be my all-time favorite named object in this parlor: The BUTT PAN.  If you're the milker, eye-level with an udder, guess what's above you besides the tail?

 As you can see we have lots of concrete work yet to do.  We're probably the concrete company's new best friend.  Do you think they'll send us a fruit basket at Christmas?

In the parlor basement.

Kenton spent a little time cleaning up the front and spreading some gravel.  Don't you think we need something up in that peak?

Our county hangs "barn quilts" on local barns.  We're too far off the beaten path to justify one...but wouldn't that look lovely up in the peak?  Let's see we'd need an appropriate pattern...maybe Churn Dash...

Or Country Farm...

Hand's All Around would be fitting...

And because we want to avoid any association with negativity in this project we'll skip Beggar's Blocks

Fool's Puzzle

And definitely Crosses and Losses

Any suggestions?

By the way, none of these are mine.  A) I don't put pink and red together.  (Shudder!)  B) I can't piece on a curve.  Ever.  Bummer! C) While my piecing isn't wonderful, I don't chop off tips that badly!


  1. LOVE the looks of your parlor-yes, the BUTT pan is a milkers' best friend :)
    I love your rapid exit gates that swing up-ours lowered-it was SOOOO loud-you guys will LOVE milking in your new facility-it is going to be beautiful-and love the idea of a quilt hanging up in the peak-SOMETHING is definitely needed there:)

  2. Thank you, Chris. My husband is so excited to get everything up and running. He's a little frustrated that he's so close to finishing as field work is beginning. It will happen. :D

  3. We vote for 'ODD FELLOWS CHAIN'!!! He he. But yes, a quilt block would look lovely up there!