Friday, May 4, 2012


It's an exciting time around here now that school is out.

Mom: redoing the epoxy on the parlor walls.  Let's just say that God is taking this opportunity to work with me in the area of  forgiveness.  Also, weeding flower beds and wishing the frost danger was past.  Thinking about planting part of the garden.  Looking at the disaster zone that my house has become and trying to decide if I care or not.  Running to soccer practice.  Checking my email approximately 1500x per weekday in hopes that our LOA has arrived.  It hasn't.  Unless something changes soon we'll be joining the "century" club, meaning that our wait for this treasured piece of paper will go over 100 days.  I headed up this club back in 2010 while waiting for Kaitlyn.  I know that God's timing is perfect; does that mean I have to like it?

Dad: Planted 30-some acres of corn today, a first for the year.  The oats are all planted and some spraying has been done.  I think Carl planted most of the oats.  Working on the parlor every spare minute.

Jamison: soccer practice, checking pasture fences with grandpa, and working on his sister's birthday gift.

Megan: soccer practice, roller blading, biking, playing with her sister, fighting with her sister, helping me.  Yesterday the girls were up and picked up the downstairs before I got up.  Sadly, it was a temporary condition.  

Davis: soccer practice (Are you seeing a theme here?), "helping" with the pasture fence, biking, and playing with the dog.

Kaitlyn: changing clothes MANY times every day and leaving them everywhere, biking, playing with her sister, fighting with her sister, and practicing for the popular pre-school Olympic event of whining.  Not only will she qualify, she will probably medal in this event.  I have some work to do.

Fun times.

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  1. And you titled your post vacation? I think you need one! Enjoy your summer. And, I hope you do not make that century club. Hoping for good news on Monday!