Sunday, January 20, 2013

In a Funk

Today is Day #6 of this episode.  At Christmas time Day #6 marked the end.  I kind of took it for granted that this would round would be tapering off by now.  It's not.  She's started trying to eat a bit again but can't keep anything down for very long.

She's whiny, clingy, and miserable.  All seven of us pretty much know both Wiggles videos by heart.  We could probably do the dances, too.  I broke down and ordered two DVDs.  Maybe at least the rest of us won't have to be subjected to 16 hours of Wiggles everyday; I'll be able to put them in the DVD player.  Thank you, Lord, that it's the Wiggles she's fallen in love with and not Blue's Clues or Barney.

I'm in a funk.  I know part of it is monthly timing but I'm having a hard time not throwing stuff and saying horrible things.    I am amazed how well the kids are doing....or so I thought.  All of them are well versed in the signs and can hold the barf bucket like pros.  They lay down beside her and talk to her, rub her back, bring her toys, try to make her smile,  offer her sips of water, and are very sweet.  It's a nice contrast to their mother from the Black Lagoon.

But it's hard.  I just went to tuck in kids and Megan was crying. She's tired of every plan being changed.  We all are. It's hard.  Tired, crabby, stressed, uncertain, overwhelmed,  and crazy.  We've simplified life about as much as is reasonable...except for the noodlehead who decided to be John in the Easter Play.  Megan had a baby shower that she wanted so much to attend on Saturday.  I saw that she had a ride(Thank you, Alice!) and she came home all smiles, jabbering about the delicious food, gorgeous cake, fun time, and every thing else, but I know that she was disappointed we couldn't go together.

I read someone else's blog (Thanks, Nicole!) whose child has cyclic vomiting.  One thing that really popped out was...

"We don't make plans.  We have ideas."

I think this may have to be our new mantra.  So far this has affected plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, several events our kids were in or wanted to attend, it looks like it will hit for Chinese New Year, and on the date we planned to head for Florida.  I think I'll work on dumping "plans" from my vocabulary and just work from ideas.  

Sacrifice won't hurt our kids if they allow this to sweeten them instead of making them bitter.  BUT I need to do a better job of juggling things here.   

Someone once said, "You're probably a little too honest on your blog."  I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm not writing how I really feel here.  I'm trying to follow that thing about "if you can't say anything nice..."  

Maybe that way I can avoid the heavenly lightning strike I deserve.  


  1. Did I say that? I hope not. I love your restrained honesty. :) My heart hurts for you all. I will pray and think of you, as that's about all I can do. Love to you! oxoxoxoxoxoxo P.S. Saw a friend's SA-UNA the other day and wished I could sing your sauna song. ;) That's one for the ages....

  2. I sense sarcasm at work here! You're just jealous because a)you don't take saunas and b)You don't know a cool sauna song to sing while you're in there. Hmm...maybe I should take pity and put it on Youtube. What do you think? :P