Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Emily got sick last Tuesday.

Hospitalized Tuesday through Thursday.

Back to ER for an IV boost on Monday.

Still throwing up.  Being readmitted to peds today.

University of Wisconsin appointment possibly in March with THE DR. LI.

Dr. Reidel is planning to call and see if he can't get her in the next couple of weeks.  He feels that it is urgent she be seen sooner.

Prayer appreciated.


  1. So sorry, Holly. I need to check your blog more often... I just now saw she is sick again. If it seems like it's goign to go on much longer, and you'd like help, give me a call... I could make a trip to Maryland. Or the next time around too.
    I still believe the Lord will heal her, but only once his purposes are accomplished... I only wish I knew what his purposes are! If it was up to me, this would have ended a long time ago, but I guess that's why I'm not God. I love you guys, and we all continue to pray!
    p.s. If you need a good book to read while sitting in the hospital, pick up "1000 Gifts" by Ann Voscamp. I read the first couple of chapters at the bookstore the other day, and thought of you immediately... partially because the husband is a farmer, but partially from some of the hard situations the writer's family faced and her honesty through it all.

  2. Thanks, Janelle! Are you still planning on being here for Easter?

    1. Well, we can't be there right on Easter because since Ben is "acting senior pastor" right now, he'll be doing the service. But we're going to try to come in sometime shortly thereafter. If you guys DO end up in Florida, there is a chance we might overlap a little (if there are enough bedrooms on the block!) We'll be there the first week or so of March.
      p.s. note - if you do pick up the book I mentioned above, I've read more of it by now, and I have to say I do really like some of her concepts, but she's a little too "artsy" for me... given your current situation, you may feel like throwing the book across the room when she takes 4 pages to describe the thankfulness she feels for the soap suds glistening on her arm while she does dishes. :)

    2. I've had the book suggested to me a lot of times. I've read a bit of her blog and not been...terribly interested. She sounds a bit...theological for me. I'm on the level somewhere between Green Eggs and Ham and Anne of Green Gables. But maybe I'll see if I can get it through the library to balance out my stack of junior lit. :-P