Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The monopoly kick continues at our house.  

The kids are getting smarter.  They no longer offer, ask, tease, whine or whimper for me to play.  

Is there some sort of character building going on here?

I repeat, I hate monopoly.


  1. Me too. Hate. I bought Monopoly Streets for the Wii so I my son has "someone" to play it with. You can't cheat a Wii, either. :)

    The Monopoly card game is much faster, so I am willing to play that with him.

  2. Dearest ones..Haven't commented on here in a while. My momhad a "routine" cardiac procedure Jan2nd, complications led to 3 weeks in the CCU, and then when she seemed to be getting better, she crashed and died in 2hours on January 20th. I am now just trying toget back into the routine of checking on my dear friends..like you guys, and was so sorry to hear the cyclical vomiting continues! With all that we have gone through this past month, when I told the kids about Emily's continuing problems, Benjamin was the one who remembered (and still does) to pray for little Emily.<3 BTW, One of my dear friends adopted a toddler from Korea in 1989, he had cyclical vomiting, quite serious like yours. He is now a soldier in Afghanistan..to offer hope for you AND to see if you'd like my dear Christian friend to call you and give hope, advice or an ear..We love you all dearly and can't wait to see you all again. And yes, Jeremiah 29:11 IS a good memory verse..it is MY "life verse" that I have held on through many tragic things.