Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is Coming...

 Before Carl and Martha left for Florida, Carl helped Kenton dig through to install the pipe to the pit.  I think Carl wanted to make sure there were no cave-ins while Kenton was working down below.  Thank you!

The pit is one step closer to being finished.
I won't mention how many more steps are between here and there.

During a moment of relative tranquility, I found the kids doing some painting.
(Only one shirt was ruined during this episode although there was plenty of 
paint to clean up later.)

It was nice to experience a little peace on earth.

There's been enough bickering I was tempted to tell them about Santa
and his naughty and nice list.
If true, we'd have enough coal here to last until Spring.

The snow and the joy of snow lasted for several days. 

It was nice to have a child-free house for a little while.

It was so warm that the coats and mittens didn't last long.

Snow pants were a little more important because everything was melting like crazy.
On Saturday the temp was in the 60's so the yard is pretty green right now.

We spent a little time decorating gingerbread.

I've been asked continually for the last few days...WHEN can we eat them?

With enough harassment I caved and told them to go ahead today.

I heard one kid warn the others that he was going to eat HIS part later.
I figured that wasn't going to be very effective.

Apparently he didn't think so he informed the others that he'd licked his share.

The kids had their Christmas Sunday school program yesterday.  
 We couldn't see Emily or Kaitlyn.
We couldn't hear Davis.
We couldn't see Megan.  

We sang one Christmas carol during church.  
I will refrain from further comments on this topic.  

Kenton decided to drain the local pond this morning.  

So much for childproof!

Emily's had a bit of the belly bug lately.  
We've been so happy to survive it without a hospital visit.
We're on Day #127!

Today, I'm cooking and cleaning the kitchen 
and cooking and cleaning the kitchen, and
doing it some more 
TOMORROW we are having Christmas!  :D

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