Wednesday, December 4, 2013


A new record...almost...heading into Day #109!


Should I be alarmed that on a list of "Things to do in Pittsburgh"
the Allegheny County Jail shows up?

That should make Pittsburghers proud.


We put up the Christmas tree today.
Nothing screams chaos like having the help of five kids putting up Christmas decorations.
Blaring Christmas music, spilled hot chocolate, squeals of joy at locating treasures, stuff everywhere...
Need I say more?


In a moment of weakness, I caved and joined facebook.

Go ahead and laugh.  

I'll join you once they remove the straight-jacket.


What's a blog post without pictures?

Davis entertaining Emily a few weeks ago.  


  1. Always seem to have lots of fun stuff going on at your place. FB? I haven't caved yet. I considered it. Then, I realized that would be too much for me. It is bad enough I have a smart phone and a blog with internet.

  2. Holly, I caved in about a year keep up with my big kids far away. It can be fun, but also a huge time-waster. Use FB wisely. With that being said, I will try to find you so we can be "friends"!!!!