Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

 We had ours today.
I think it was the best one ever.

After Kenton came in from the barn, we had breakfast, and then settled in for gift giving.  

Emily carried this gift around for the last two days.  Every time anyone tried to show her another one of hers she'd push the new one away and yell, "NO, MINE!" while clutching this one.  She rapidly picked up the concept of more than one today.

Megan will HATE this picture.
  She was enjoying the chef's cap, aprons, and oven mitts for her dolls.  

The days was a bit of a blur.  Turns out so are most of my pictures.

We added to the family again.  
This is Kaitlyn's new baby Molly.

The boys got a bunch of new farming equipment.  Davis's new barn was a hit with both boys.

Kenton was appalled that I got a drum for our loudest child.  
It was a hit.  (Pun intended :-P )

Megan wanted a matching outfit with her doll. As she grows it's getting harder and harder to find one in her size.  

We opened presents, snacked, ate, watched movies, and just hung out together.
No one even suggested playing monopoly.  What a great day!

Lego construction was a big part of the day also.

We had our traditional Christmas dinner. 
I got brave this year and made the chicken cordon bleu from scratch.  
Not too shabby!

We wish each of you a Merry Christmas as we remember
the birth of our Savior and the hope we have in the gift
of salvation He offers.

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