Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crazy Days

Kaitlyn loves to spread her dishes and play food all over the living room. This is right before our last post-placement with her social worker so they hadn't yet found their "natural" home yet.
Kenton taught Jamison to use the lathe in the shop. He loved it and is contemplating a BIG project that he wants to make using the lathe. Lots of snowy days have meant that the kids have been playing outside a lot. Snowballs for snowmen keep getting bigger. I think they finally gave up on fighting gravity and rolled this one on down the hill. :P

I've been really concentrating on moving...and catching up with homeschool, just in time to get behind during the chaos of moving and remodeling. The cabinets and sink are ordered(You'd think the local lumberyard would partner with a marriage counselor and give you like two free sessions or so with every purchase of a complete kitchen.) Some of the cabinets in my current kitchen are emptied(of course, immediately after packing those boxes I remembered something I JUST HAD TO MAKE that required one of those packed things) and a couple of dining room things have been moved upstairs. Tomorrow is the big day.
The kids are excited, I'm tired, crabby, and stressed, and Kenton just takes it all in a stride. My homeschool review is scheduled for Thursday which means taking EVERYTHING we've used since the beginning of the year. I have a bedwetter so I need to remember the plastic sheet. (Why is it that pullups only work about 75 % of the time?) Kaitlyn has been extra clingy and has spent a lot of the last several days following me around wanting to be held. I KNOW that nothing here is critical so I do try to stop and pick her up and hold her but I wish she had held off for a few days.
We move tomorrow(and probably Tuesday and Thursday), Wednesday we're going to Pittsburgh to the children's museum to celebrate(or choose the pc term of your choice) Kaitlyn's Gotcha(Yep, choose the pc term of your choice) Day, Thursday I have a homeschool review and my parents arrive to stay with us at my in-law's(who are currently in Florida - Maybe I should join THEM) house. Sounds like an exhausting week...but I am excited, too! :)
Well, that's it for now. The kids and Kenton are getting ready to launch a rocket out in the yard using the car battery. I guess I'll enjoy it from the warmth of the house. :P

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