Monday, January 17, 2011

The Time has Come....

to remodel our kitchen. It's a big farmhouse kitchen that was last remodeled sometime in the fifties. Well, that's my guess anyway. The (still working) stove was purchased in 1959. The oven's a little hot and one burner no longer works, but it sure beats most of the junky appliances currently on the market. Anyone else have a working appliance that's fifty-some years old? I'll be really sad (yeah, right!) to part with all this loveliness.
Since there's crawlspace underneath and no insulation in the walls it's a very cold place in the winter. It will need to be gutted.
The miserable crawlspace is currently home to wild cats. Nice. Although, it has cut down on the rodent and reptile problems. We are planning to pull up the floor, pull out the joists, fill it with gravel, and put radiant heat in a concrete slab. There's crawl space under the dining room so we're going to fix it as well.
The big push for the current timing is that Kenton pulled out this part of the foundation with a broom. That stuff on the ground was what came out. The foundation(at least on this wall) is non-existent.
Seventeen and a half years of marriage, dairy farming, six years of infertility, four kids - our marriage can take remodeling, right? The ride ought to be interesting.


  1. All right !! YOu can do it! The funny thing is is that your kitchen looks better in photographs than real life!

  2. Yeah, isn't that amazing? I took some closeup pictures of paint pealing off the trim, the oil cloth pealing off the walls and ceiling, the floor rotting on the edges and the pitted, patched, nasty linoleum so that I can remember why we committed to this project when the bills start rolling in.
    It was nice of you to NOT mention that you've NEVER seen that particular room that orderly. :P
    Did you know I once dropped a piece of hotdog w/ketchup on that floor and looked for over a minute to find it? Now that is one dirt hiding floor.