Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

with Christmas pictures. I've always been a little off. :)

I've wanted my girls to have matching dresses since I was a little girl. (If my parents had given me a sister closer in age this particular desire probably could have been fulfilled three decades ago.) I bought fabric and pattern and dove enthusiastically into the project. It did not go well. I bet I made at least five of these...but I only have two to show for it. Ergo, that dream has been fulfilled not to be repeated. We were able to spend Christmas in Minnesota with my family. It's been four years since we were all together for Christmas. My brother Steve was home from Mississippi.
My sister Kim, husband Joe, and son Logan.
My brother Jeff, wife Mandy, and their kids Jaycie and Tyler.
Mom did some sewing of her own. She made the girls matching sweatshirt jackets and the boys got matching John Deere coats. That's my mom with them. :D
Aren't these ice trees great? Dad cut them out of lake ice with a chain saw. (Yes, this is the same guy who once offered to do any remodeling in my house that I long as it could be done with a chain saw.) A little water helped smooth off the edges. They were beautiful at night with a light behind them.
A highlight for the kids was riding on sleds behind the snowmobile and four-wheeler. As we heard on Minnesota public radio, the weather was a "balmy 12-16 degrees" while we were there. :D

We had some Christmas here at home before we left. Jamison enjoyed his rocket. I won't bore you with the great pictures of sky I took trying to catch it going up and coming back down.
More legos! Must have subsidized by a podiatrist.
We brought Chinese dolls back from China. Believe it or not, it was hard to find Chinese looking dolls in China.
We had a really special Christmas. I hope you all did as well. :D


  1. Happy New Year! It looks like you had a really great Christmas. The girls' dresses are beautiful! I'm glad I got to see a picture of the finished product...I guess the making of them didn't come with as much ease as the inspiration. :) Lovely, though! Miss you!

  2. I just love seeing your kids!! Makes me miss you all the more. The dresses are adorable! Can you make 4 more for my girls??? Just kidding!! I am impressed with the chain saw trees. But it makes me think it must be very cold there! Happy New Year! I'll call you soon! Are you starting school this week?