Monday, January 3, 2011

January Blues

Stained glass projects thanks to my Auntie Sandy. The kids loved them.Legoland goes to the barn.
The farmers in the dell needed a milking system for their cows. I had to appreciate the ingenuity. It's sure a whole lot cheaper than the one their dad is contemplating.
I think Kaitlyn was trying to hide her "prize" from her siblings. Good to the last drop? :D
Davis and Kaitlyn continue to bond. Their relationship has formed more slowly than any other. The other night they slept on the floor in Davis' room together. Megan was worried that Davis was trying to "take her away." I don't think she was totally consoled by my explanation.
I hate January. The fun holiday season is over and pretty much the only thing to look forward to is....well, I'm sure there's something if I just have enough time to think of it. Let's see there's finishing homeschool for the year(Um, no. Maybe we'll all survive but keep 911 on speed dial just in case), more snow( yeah, I love parking out at the barn so I don't get stuck with the van), hearing my kids discuss whose b-day is next for the next six months(One of which is mine. That fun ended at thirty.), spring field work (yes, I learn to admire full-time single mothers), gardening and know, all these things to look forward to are not bringing me up. Let's just leave it with I hate January.
I'm not all that happy with myself. For one thing, we are back at school. I am currently hating homeschool. Every day has become a major attitude challenge for me. It takes too long, I'm crabby, my house is a wreck, I sometimes seriously question the I.Q. of the children involved, I'm not getting paid to be nice, professional, and positive, etc. The one good thing is that I'm fairly confidant everyone is on target level-wise. It's a toss up whether I'm doing more good giving the kids more time with their dad or doing more harm ruining them with time with their crabby, negative mother. Much as I currently abhor doing it at home, I HATE the thought of sending them off to school and doing homework when they get home. The question is which is the greater evil?

The good news is that it looks like we are going to remodel our kitchen this winter. My current cooking palace leaves a little to be desired. I will say that now that wild cats have taken up residence in the crawl space I am experiencing fewer troubles with rodents. However, the dead possum last summer trapped below was a little revolting. One foundation beam was sawdust Kenton swept out on Saturday. Ever wonder what's holding these old houses up? While I'm thrilled to be getting a new kitchen I'm a little stressed trying to pick things out and try to coordinate an enormous remodeling job. The whole thing ought to be interesting and hopefully not too stressful on our marriage.

Well, I guess I should go contemplate (notice I'm only going to think about it) doing something about the Christmas decorations still up, the ten or so Christmas cards that didn't make it out the door on time, the disaster that remains spread all over the house from our trip to Minnesota, the stupid schoolbooks lying in wait to attack my guilty conscience, etc.

I hate January. . . come on, February!

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  1. Oh, friend. I think we need to chat...and just when homeschooling was starting to appeal to me again....