Sunday, September 30, 2012

Application for Minnesotazenship

Personal Information:


Sex: __________Ole ___________Lena

Home Address:_________________________________

Cabin Address: _________________________________

Income: ______We do OK _______We're Blessed ______None of your beeswax

Qualifications: (Check all that apply)

______I own a gas powered ice auger.

______Fargo floods hit a little close to home.

______I can name a dozen celebrities who've stayed at the Mayo Clinic.

______I've been trick or treating in two feet of snow.

______My grandparents ate lutefisk.

______My snowmobile has more miles on it than my car.

______I actually listen to telemarketers.

______"Have a nice day" is an ORDER!

______TV news anchors are celebrities.

______Part of my tongue is on a flagpole somewhere.

______It's pop not "soda" or "coke".

Essay Questions:

1.  What "uff-da" means to me________________________________________

2.  What "oopsy daisy" means to me____________________________________


  1. So funny! The memories this brings back. I still can check off most of those qualifications!
    Love ya!

    1. Do you still own an ice auger? :P
      Love ya back!

    2. Haha!! No I do not! Didn't need one much in Florida and still don't need one here in North Carolina!
      But part of my tongue is on a metal pole somewhere in Silver Bay, MN and I know what uff-da and oopsy-daisy mean! OH and I have eaten lutefisk! Nasty!!
      Love ya!