Monday, September 17, 2012

Nine Days

When I was a kid, my dad's idea of a great vacation was north or west.  Preferrably both.  (Does it mean something that one child ended up on the East Coast and one in the South?)

One year my mom brow-beat  persuaded my dad to go to Missouri.  That's South and East.  It was not a great vacation.  The van lights went out when we were at an evening play, it was hot and miserable, the van did not have air conditioning. and there were three kids too many on the trip (the younger three).  I'm pretty sure the term "at each other's throats" was invented just to describe that particular family vacation. 

The breaking point hit when it rained as we slept in our tent.  There's nothing like waking up in your own private six-inch pool.  Sleeping bags do not make very good floaties. 

The next several hours were spent in the excitement of a laundromat trying to dry out six sleeping bags, a tent, and towels.  Absence could only have made those hearts grow fonder.   

Someone asked, "What are we going to do when we get home and everyone asks, 'How was your vacation?'"  My mom snarled, "I'm going to say that it was awful and your dad was a jerk!"  We all burst into laughter and made a firm rule to never spend more than NINE DAYS together on a vacation...and I noticed that we never went South or East again either. 

Emily has a habit of being sick for around ten days.  That's past the official family limit.  Togetherness was definitely wearing thin yesterday.   I know she's sick but sometimes that doesn't keep me from wanting to bop her.  Benadryl made her sleepy and then cranky.  After 500 attempts to pacify Her Royal Crankiness I finally popped her into bed, turned on the TV, and ignored her for awhile.  She went to sleep. 

The doctors have ruled out some things.  They are testing for more things.  I don't know when we are going home.

Today has been a rough day.  Emily wasn't allowed to eat until after an Upper GI that was scheduled for 8:00 a.m.  At twelve, Her Royal Crankiness was commanding, "Off with their heads!" to everyone around.  I was starting to get ticked!  At one, we were notifed that the test was canceled.  Until tomorrow. 

They drew blood at 5:30.  They drew blood again at 9:30.  Apparently, more bloodwork was ordered after 5:30.  I'd be mad for me, but I was furious that they can't plan ahead better for a two-year-old.  Her veins are tiny, she looks like a pincushion already, and they usually need several people trying several times before they can get it.  It's hard to listen to her screaming. 

And pediatrics was full.  Emily got moved to maternity.  I'm not sure what this says about us.  Do they move the patient with the parent who's the biggest pain in the butt first?   

Hmm...maybe if I throw a catastrophic fit they'll send us home.  We're breaking the NINE DAY rule.


  1. UGH!!! Thinking of you. All sounds so horrible and frustrating. Much love to you...and Em...and the rest of the crew. We live West (and a little South) I think you should come see us sometime...

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! That must be so hard on everyone. I hope you have some good news soon with permission to leave that place.

  3. And you still have your sense of humor! Praying for the both of you. Love ya!