Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Pictures

 The mischief maker

The Potato Princess...or the Spud Bud

The kids had fun playing with the produce.

Kaitlyn being the BIG sister.

More fun with spuds.

The kids found some treasures at the neighbors' garage sale.

It's a mystery to me why kids think they need to dump the remainder of the bubble solution when they're done blowing bubbles.

I think he was thinking of American Gothic.  He just needs some rick-rack to go with the grim expression, eh?

Now I can eat it!

How to get water out of your boots.

Picking more cattails at the pond.

A happy face

The loaned TMR mixer.  Our new one is on order.  

Boys checking out the feed situation.

Our spot on the hill.

Chopping Corn


Emily started throwing up again tonight.  She didn't seem herself this afternoon, but I hoped I was alarmed over nothing.

The pediatric GI sent us a list of nine tests he wants done before she gets an IV if she gets dehydrated and needs to go in again.  Looks like another hospital visit is imminent.

Anyone know any good jokes?


  1. Wow....that third picture had FIVE kids in it...
    Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Dishes who?
    Dishes me, who's dish?

    My best joke, so maybe I'll just pray for you. (Although, when Jack tells it, we all crack up...)
    Love to you!

  2. Love the pics!! Don't love that Emily is throwing up again. Praying that it does not continue. Sorry, no jokes for ya.
    Love ya!

  3. Such cute kids and a lovely place to live. I'm envious! I can't believe how much your son looks like his daddy and your daughter looks like you! Kind of neat.

    Praying for Emily and you all.

    Me: Did you know that the 3 wisemen were southern firefighters?
    You: No, Cheri. How do you know that?
    Me: They came from afar.

    Please tell me you get that one. Most people just look at me strangely.