Thursday, September 13, 2012

 Is it an omen when you plan start up for 9/11 and have your table saw and toolbox ready for service?

Everything was finished enough to begin milking.  Lots of details yet to get into place, like some painting, improved water pressure, the coal stove, etc.

I figured Emily could throw up just as comfortably in the barn as at home.  I think she actually liked the change of scenery.

I think this was the first cow heading in.  Notice there are three guys working with ONE cow.  

It was mostly downhill from there.
Notice there are four people pushing and Kenton pulling in the front.

The first cow moving into place.  

I was the unfortunate culprit that hit the wrong button and released a whole side of cows that weren't milked...instead of moving the crowd gate up.  Turns out there are TWO green buttons.  
 You can imagine how popular that move was.

I think Domingo will be happy with the change.  
Hopefully we all will eventually.

All the doors were open and it was a beautiful afternoon at 3:00 when we started.  

There was a lot of pushing going on.

The kids helped out by feeding calves.  

They also climbed the walls, played in the dirt piles, and shot syringes of water at each other and Natalie, Sam, and Ted.

By 8:30 we had finally pushed, pulled, and shoved the last cow into the parlor.
Can you believe this crew actually SMILED for a picture?
It's amazing any of these people are still speaking to us.

Carl, Jonas, Domingo, Martha, Esther, Brent, Kenton, Nick, and Wendy

Lest you're concerned for the cows, notice these ladies are all busy chewing their cud.  I guess being pushed, pulled, and shoved into a new habit wasn't that stressful TO THEM.

You would have come in handy, Den.  Don't you wish you'd been here?

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  1. I think they need to label those buttons! (: Looks like everyone had a great time, even the cows once they were in there.

    Hope Emily is doing better. Is she still throwing up??