Thursday, September 6, 2012

Odds and Ends Around the Farm

 Emily continues to settle in.  We had our first of six post-placement visits today.  We REALLY like our  social worker.  She seemed very pleased with how well Emily is doing.  

Emily enjoying a gator ride and a Fiber One bar.  Looks pretty comfy there, eh?

The rest of the Clampitts enjoyed a gator ride, too.  

Emma and Lila were enjoying this little kitten at the farm.

Is that the most pathetically disgusting kitten you've ever seen?

I'm sure you've been worried because parlor pics have been few and far between.  Well, worry no longer, friends.  Gates are being made and installed.

What do you think?  Are those glass doors adequately protected from nosy and persistent cows?

This stove will need to be stoked twice daily once everything is up and running.  Kenton is still hoping to have start up next Tuesday.  Is planning a start-up for 9-11 a poor omen?

Kenton's pretty tickled with this soybean crop.  

He counted 84 pods of soybeans on one plant.  

I had help from some monkeys to pick my grape crop.  

I had help inside, also.  

Emily had tons of fun eating grapes, squashing grapes, and splashing water everywhere.  Kaitlyn was pretty happy to be able to scold and boss her meimei.

We got 42 quarts of grape juice made.

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  1. Am love, love, loving all the pictures of your sweet Em--so glad she's home!-and the ones of all your other monkeys, too...we will talk sometime! oxox