Sunday, October 7, 2012

And the winner is...

H. pylori bacteria

We hope.

Emily came back to the hospital on Tuesday night.  She's had an endoscopy, MRI, EEG, and lots of labwork.  She is one unhappy, crabby camper.  Some moments I'm ready to drop her on her head.  She's sick but also a pain in the butt.  She wants something but isn't happy with anything.

We got the diagnosis late Friday night.  We're still waiting to hear the results of the EEG.  They think that H. pylori is at the bottom of what's going on.  She also has moderate to severe chronic enteritis.  Lovely.  

Usually by this stage of the cycle we're seeing our happy baby eating and on the road to recovery.  She's still throwing up (emesis), still has not had a formed stool (poop), but is voiding normally (peeing).  (What is wrong with wrong with medical people anyway?!?)   She's finally begun eating (new since last Saturday) but is struggling to keep it where it belongs.  Have I mentioned that she's crabby?  Have I mentioned that I am too?  

My parents came from Minnesota so Kenton's mom is able to get a break from the other four.   Martha has been wonderful, I'm just glad to give her a little break and impose on my mom.  I think mom had the kids, house, and laundry whipped into shape in one day.  Kenton is struggling with the parlor.  Right now it's still taking a lot of work to get things done in there.

We're hitting an all-time low.   


  1. Praying, praying, praying...did I say I was praying?? Can't seem to find any words to try to make you feel better. I know the only thing that will is poor Emily getting better. So I will continue to pray!
    Love ya and wish I could lighten your load some.

  2. Holly - I'm praying that you will be sustained through all of this. Hopefully a diagnosis will lead to treatment. Huge hugs and many prayers,

  3. Sounds like mom hell. Won't even try to call, but know I love you! Am glad your mom is able to help for a while. oxox