Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We've been fighting with health insurance to get Emily put on our family plan.  

We flew back into the US on Friday evening and I called Monday, August 13 to get her added.

The lady told me congratulations, said I needed to fax in a form, and added which form it was.

She also said that Emily could not be added until September 1 but that she was covered under me until that time.

A week later Emily made her first US trip to the hospital.

Where it turns out the insurance lady was wrong. 

Emily was not covered under me because she was over 24 months.  

I can't tell you the extra stress this added to our hospital stay.

After each hospital stay, I would call and they would tell me that the previous staffer had, once again, given me the wrong paperwork to fill out and that my daughter was not yet covered.  

This happened four times.  

Every night in the hospital, every bit of labwork, every test, the ultrasound, upper GIs, Xrays endoscopy, MRI, EEG, feeding tube and IV saw our bills increasing.

And so was our stress level.  

Eventually I just quit worrying about it.  It was more than I could take.

Plus, Emily was NOT getting better.  

I didn't care about the money, I just wanted my kid healthy.

Friday, I called again.  

Good news!  Emily is accepted on our plan.


Well, thank you very much.   That is such a huge relief.  

Don't worry, insurance will only be responsible for my heart attack. 

We protested.
And began to accept that this is probably the way it would be.
I kept thinking about the parable of the woman who begged the unrighteous judge for justice.  
The judge gave her what she wanted because she was persistent.  
We kept praying and kept being nice (mostly) with the insurance company.  
And kept track of every fax and when it was made.

Today, we got word from the insurance agency.

They made Emily's acceptance retroactive.  She's been put on our policy

August 1, 2012.  

Huge burden lifted.

Thank you, Lord.


  1. Oh! I started reading this post and got all ready eyed over the stress you must be feeling. Then I read the end with such sweet peace and relief how The Lord has taken care of you even bringing scripture to mind. How wonderful and merciful.

  2. So thankful for this fabulous news!

  3. Wow Holly you certainly have through the wringer laterly!! I am praying that things are getting smoother for all of you. Wish I was closer to try and help some with at least the kids and the house.
    Love ya!

  4. Thank You Lord for that wonderful answer to prayer!! Thank you Holly, for continuing to be persistent & "hanging in there" even when it was tough to do. We love you & yours & are thrilled for you that the answer came back "YES!"

  5. Phew!! Retroactive? That is a God-thing, isn't it? Hope she doesn't have anymore hospital stays. Can't wait to see you all and meet this new daughter and hug you for all the stuff you have been through!!For now, I'll send them via cyberspace <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>

    Praying still!
    The Czs