Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goings On

 Mom and dad came to help while Emily was in the hospital last time.  I was so glad. They were coming anyway but came a little early.  Emily had great timing at getting sick.  We certainly managed to heap abuse on Kenton's mom.  Once she finished canning my green beans, during parlor set-up when she was getting up early to help chore (and did evenings, too), and when Megan and Davis got strep.

 Mom whipped things in to shape around here.  My husband was impressed.  Let's just say he strayed into the area of Things-You-Don't-Say-To-Your-Wife. May I just mention that mom doesn't homeschool, mow the lawn, or have a normal schedule when she's here.  Yes, I'm still a little huffy about it.
 The schedule is a little full right now.  There's kids' chorus on Monday night for all four, Wednesday morning Kaitlyn has preschool, and Thursday morning Jamison and Megan have piano lessons.  Throw in those extra events like a play at the college and a birthday party here or there and it gets a little crazy.

Dad got to help with parlor stuff and began wiring in the new generator.  He also got drafted to help around the house.  He put a shoe shelf in the dining room closet, a boot shelf in the back porch (Imagine, barn boots for six, winter boots for six, extras for guests...and when my kids leave theirs lying around for the dog to run off with, and a few pairs that no one is currently wearing but I haven't put away yet.  That's a lot of mess.) and  shelves in an extra closet (that used to be MINE) in the girls' room for clothing.  Dad enjoys helping.  He told me once he would be glad to do any remodeling in my long as it could be done with a chainsaw.

As long as they were here (and after dragging Martha home early from a visit to Janelle's) and since Emily wasn't sick we went ahead and did her dedication at church.  Have you heard this song by Casting Crowns?

Emily has forgotten her first love - the cymbals.  She has moved on to pompoms and cell phones.

I know some people were concerned that the other kids would be resentful because of Emily's sickness.  I will say it had some some horrible moments for all of us and I KNOW that there were times we all felt this way.  But overall, she is the beloved center of attention here at home.

She adds a ton of joy to our lives...and a bunch of work.

I forgot that you have to watch two-year-olds constantly!

I'm ready for things to settle down and for life to be normal for a little while.  We're heading into the window when Emily would normally get sick with a little trepidation.

I'm catching up s....l....o...w...l...y with homeschool.  I wouldn't have to but I like getting done early in the spring.  Davis is caught up and Jamison and Megan are with everything except science.

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