Sunday, October 28, 2012

And Again...

Emily is back at WVU. 

The doctors hoped that everything was caused by h. pylori bacteria.  Since she's sick again, we have questions but no one has many answers. 

Doctors have three big questions:
1. Most of the time h. pylori is wiped out by antibiotics.  Does she need another round of antibiotics?  Is it causing all the problems?
2.  Why does her sodium drop like a rock?  Does it drop and cause vomiting...or does it drop because of the vomiting?
3.  Instead of one thing causing the trouble, are there several things going on with her?

Lots of questions, not many answers. 

If you are praying, besides the obvious prayer for answers and healing, Kenton and I are pretty emotionally wrung out.  I think the other kids are handling things better this time but they're also worn down by this.  I'd love to heap some blessings on the staff here.  They have been pretty wonderful, from the doctors, nurses,  and aides, right down to housekeeping and the people who deliver meals.

God IS good and, thank goodness, His mercies are new every morning.  I CHOOSE to trust in his faithfulness regardless of the circumstances.   


  1. So sorry, friend! Will be praying for you all. oxox

  2. Continuing to pray- may God give you strength, and Emily healing and health.

  3. Praying for all those involved in Emily's care! Praying for answers! He will bring you through the storm.
    Love ya! {{HUGS}}