Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night while grating potatoes I sprinkled a bit of salt on a bite.  It tasted a little...sweet.  Glancing at the salt shaker I noticed a suspicious sprinkle on the counter and that the salt shaker was mysteriously full to the brim.

Yep, sugar.

I chuckled with Kenton over the downfall of their prank while I dumped the sugar bowl out into the sugar container (just refilled with 10# of sugar)  and waited eagerly this morning for the first prankster to add a bit of salt to his/her cereal.  Strangely not a single kid took a helping, but I was generously offered some.

Doom! They'd hit the sugar bowl, too.

I had just added a sugar bowl full of salt to my sugar container.  


Then I promptly forgot in the busyness of getting the big three to chorus practice, running errands, and shopping.  


I added that sugar/salt mixture to a batch of Russian Tea.  

The perfect prank: one that just keeps on giving.

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