Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Emily came home around 8:30 tonight.  Her progress was not particularly satisfying or "normal".  I find the situation very frustrating.  If she continues to vomit, back she'll go.

When she woke up this morning I was sure we were good to go.  Usually once she's well she self-regulates food intake just fine.  Unfortunately, I think she overate and was vomiting and miserable the rest of the day.   Several times she took a sip of water, set down the cup, and vomited.   I think we're seeing a switch where I'll have to guess the appropriate amount.  I've never been particularly good at guessing games.  Fortunately, the staff know us and Emily and let us bring her home.
She came home, demanded green beans, and has avoided any "emesis" so far.

(The first time Emily said "cheese" and smiled on demand.)

A kidney doctor looked at her this morning and ordered some tests.  If something shows up, we'll go from there.  If not, it looks like WVU will have exhausted their resources.  Next time, she may get sent to Columbus which apparently has a pediatric GI TEAM and specializes in cyclic vomiting.

(Enjoying the chaos)

Unless the kidney specialist finds something, this will be the second time Emily's been passed on.  It's hard to hear this.  But we already knew that she's one in a million.


  1. Ugh, Holly. I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating this cycle must be!
    Have you thought about heading to CHOP to the International Adoption Specialist?

    1. Thanks for the thought. Everyone at WVU is aware of her background. There are no indications that this is an adoption issue, except for the h. pylori bacteria which seems to have been eradicated.

  2. I am so sorry for what you are going through! I just found out tonight that Emily had been back in. Praying for good health, strength, grace & peace for all of you! Love you bunches!!

  3. Well, if Emily does head to Columbus, I know some visitors she would most definitely get! We're about 45 min-1 hour from Columbus, so we would welcome overnight guests as well. Joyce, Ben's Mom, also said to make sure you know that their house is open to you as well. They are about the same distance from Columbus as us, and they have two spare bedrooms with plenty of beds for your whole family. Let us know as things get figured out!