Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catching Up Again

  Sandy took awhile to recover from.  We finally got power back on Thursday and phone/internet on Friday.  It was a loooong time of running the generator.  Ugh!  The farm had power....hmm, maybe Saturday?  I'll admit being on a dead end road has its disadvantages.

(Wow! That's a lot of kids.  No wonder that couch looks like it's been through a war.)

Since my time is currently at a premium and hair care is down toward the bottom of my survival list, I talked Kaitlyn into letting me bob her hair.  If Megan doesn't start taking care of her own mop, I'm going to give her the same 'do.

The kids talked me into three adorable kittens.  Currently outside-would prefer to be inside and work toward that goal every time the door opens.

If you haven't seen our beautiful willow tree this probably doesn't mean much to you, but this tree took a beating during Sandy.  It wiped out the phone line in the process of its hair cut.

This goofy clematis waited until October/November to bloom.   Who knew the goofy thing would still bloom in the snow?

Sandy also finished off this grain bin.  Since I've never been wild about it I'm not exactly heartbroken.  

Our kids are really growing.  I love my stairsteps...even though they're aging me ahead of my time.

Emily saw two specialists this week.  The pediatric GI, Dr. Riedel thinks that SIADH is responsible for the vomiting.  The pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Jones thinks the cyclic vomiting is responsible for what "may" be SIADH.  More bloodwork and urine collection from our darling.
Both doctors are very nice but as much as I LOVE Dr. Riedel, my money is on Dr. Jones with this one.  Time will tell...or maybe it won't.
She also had testing from the Early Intervention team.  She's behind, but considering everything that's gone on in her little life, that's not terribly surprising.  She's around 18-20 months in much of her development.

So now you're up-to-date on our personal soap opera.  Stay tuned as the world turns for the next twist of drama from the days of our lives.  :-P


  1. Wow Sandy really did a number up there! So glad that you are all safe and have electricity now!
    Love Kaitlyn's bob it is so cute.
    Praying the Drs will figure this out for poor Emily. (And Mama)
    Your kids are adorable!
    Love ya!

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to see you guys next week!!!! June was WAY too long ago!