Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Party

Sometimes I feel sad that this area doesn't celebrate ethnic heritage at all...the local melting pot has evidently cooked down into mush. However, Kenton comes from a rich heritage of faith. His family is stuffed to the gills with people who love Jesus and show it daily. I guess Finn jokes, saunas, and the like can't compete with that.
Last night they had a party for Grandma Mast. She has achieved the age of 89. She and Grandpa Mast are two of the many family members who made me feel welcome from the beginning. She's a lovely woman of God with a talent for cooking. Oddly enough her popcorn is what I remember best. She reminds me a little of my Grandma Tyyne with her quiet, gentle personality. Kenton couldn't make it but here's his mom and Davis with Grandma Mast.
My kids enjoyed playing with some of the cousins, especially Cameron.

At church after Happy Birthday they often add a song that hold true here...
We wish you joy and peace all through the year
And as your days increase may heaven appear.
Long may your life abound
With peace in Jesus found
Showing to those around
Love, hope, and cheer.

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