Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pray for Rain

We're having water troubles. By late afternoon the water in the house is down to a trickle. There's not an abundance in the barns either. It makes for a fair amount of inconvenience in the house, but a bit of a worry in the barns. This morning I was down to a trickle by 11:30 a.m. We'd really rather not start hauling water. Prayer for rain would be appreciated.

Milk dud report: They finished chopping corn yesterday and got the silo leveled off. Today is a beautiful sunny fall day and they'd like to be shelling corn, but they need to get a grain bin finished first. Kenton is hoping to finish the floor today. It will probably require another day to finish all the augers/spouting or whatever they're called. (Jamison is positive that's the wrong term.)

We're potty training-yep, Kaitlyn and I are potty training. I'm being trained to take Kaitlyn to the potty every 35 minutes. Kaitlyn will hopefully internalize this procedure and start doing it without my help. At that point I can regress. Worst parental training job that I've so far encountered. Anyone voting with me on that one?
In Kaitlyn's book this means alternative clothing every 35 minutes. This means a lot of new rugs in my house-almost wall to wall as a matter of fact.

Doesn't appear to be stressing her out at all, does it?

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  1. Oh, no! Water troubles stink. Or maybe you do when you're having them....and I'm with you on the despicable nature of potty training....sigh.