Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up to No Good

Kaitlyn's latest trick is driving me nuts. She's started removing her own pullups-then puts them in the drawer with her clean clothing. Usually this also involves a clothing change so the drawer is usually a disaster and stinks like pee while containing both clean and dirty clothing. Today I also found the downstairs bathroom hand towel(used and damp), two or three pieces of her sister's wardrobe, one princess crown, her church shoes, a pair of fairy wings, and three wet pullups. Now there's a combination to win friends and influence people!


  1. Maybe you can tell her that 3 year olds not only go on the potty, but they also leave the same clothes on all day, and then you can thank me when your problems are solved after her birthday next month....tee hee hee....:)

  2. You rat! I'll be sure and try that! Actually we're working on "three-year-olds get to sleep with their big sister." That's going almost as well as potty training.

  3. A typical little girls collection! I love the part about the princess crown!