Saturday, October 16, 2010


Question from the nine-year-old: Do you have to go to school if you're going to work in a cheese factory?
A: Yes, you do.
Q:What kind of jobs don't you have to go to school for?
Obviously my son is trying to avoid math forever. :P

My parents were just here for nine days. They always get a lot of things done on my house that are nice to have done. This time it was the upstairs bathroom and some lights. My uncle and aunt let us have a cabinet which my parents installed while we were in China. It was oak but stained a nasty shade of walnut and one side had quite a bit of water damage. Mom refinished it and dad added some trim to hide the damaged places. Mom also refinished the door and trim and dad added a doorknob. It's really nice to be able to use the bathroom without pushing a stool in back of the door for privacy. It also effectively keeps out nosy toddlers. Kenton still needs to build one more cabinet, but then another room will be done.
Dad also spent a lot of time in the attic moving stuff to get at the wiring for the second story lights. I guess dad took a dim view of stumbling around in the dark wildly swinging your arms hoping to connect with a pull cord. Light switches are really much more efficient. He added a light in the attic. I guess he didn't like moving all that stuff and juggling a flashlight....of course, this being my house he had to change the batteries in the flashlight first. :P

According to Megan, "King Saul became angry and jello." Interesting possibilities in that rewrite. :D


  1. You make me smile. I love you guys!!

  2. Send your dad to my house--I have a few pull strings to get rid of....and, hmm...Tad would probably like to go work with Jamison if he gets that figured out...