Monday, October 4, 2010

Roller Skating, Pledge, and Climbing the Walls

are all things that could work toward my insanity plea. Kaitlyn put pledge all over the wood floors upstairs. It works great if you're looking for an indoor slip-n-slide. It's bone rattling when you forget as you're racing around trying to get everyone out the door to church on time.

Megan must not be getting enough exercise. She's started thinking of our house as an indoor skating rink. If more than one person wants to skate, she's happy to share one so that they can race around the house at breakneck speed terrorizing anyone in their path and making enough noise to scare away the neighbors. I got revenge unintentionally by sending her upstairs to get her out of my hair. I guess pledge and roller skates led to a personal version of "Wipeout!"

When she's not on wheels, she loves to climb doorways. I've also caught her trying to climb hallways, swinging from her canopy bed like a monkey, and using Jamison's closet pole as a chin-up bar. I tolerate doorway climbing, but the monkey act better not be repeated.

Yes, that insanity plea is becoming increasingly more of a possibility.

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  1. Can I send my ball bouncing, wall banging, floor thumpers your way? Might just make that insanity plea a reality...