Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grandma Florence

Grandma Florence turns 93 tomorrow. My Grandma Tyyne would have been the same age in two weeks so it's really special to have Grandma Florence in our lives. She's not really our grandma, but we adopted her and she tolerates our chaos with a smile. :P All of her granchildren and great-grandchildren are far away so we are some of the lucky recipients of her loving heart.

Grandma Florence and her daughter Ellen and son-in-law Rusty came for a birthday dinner last night. We played Blokus and Uno afterward. It was a fun evening despite spending the day stressing that I couldn't erase thirty-five weeks of housekeeping neglect in eight hours. My inadequacies, housekeeping and otherwise, were graciously overlooked.

1 comment:

  1. 35 weeks? I got that beat...36!! I always figure that once all the guests come in, they never see the places we missed...and, when they leave, it's dirty again...

    Glad to have my computer up and running again so I can have my morning blog reading. It always brightens my day!