Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can I Play in the Sink?

It's a question to make a mother inwardly groan. It means that all the dishes on the drainer will be left face up, some full of water. Baptisms of chair, rug, and each other will likely take place.
Today Davis and Megan had a new game going. Restaurant (Well, that only took me three tries to spell correctly!) Davis was pancake maker and Megan was waitress to chocolate chip and sprinkle pancake-eaters everywhere.


Megan: This has been the best week of my life(Note: it was Monday.) We had ice cream yesterday and then Marla gave us some and then we had more at Grandma Mast's party.
Does that say more about her quality of life or her low expectations?

Davis wrote Grandma Mast a birthday card that included the information that he likes to help dad on the farm. He also said that his favorite job is spreading lime over the poop on the barn floor. There's an appetizing thought to digest with birthday cake.

Milk dud report: Just about finished chopping corn for the year. I guess they didn't quite have room in the silo for everything and don't want to pull up another unloader. Began shelling corn yesterday. We had frost this morning so Kenton is considering mowing some hay. We have lots of hay, but apparently only one mow of good hay. Kenton went to a state Holstein meeting yesterday.

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