Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Our House

It's only Tuesday and already an exciting week:

Megan spilled grapenuts in the milk pitcher. That takes talent.

I cleaned the microwave spotlessly (The rarity of that event makes this worth noting on its own.) Thoughtfully I covered the next bowl of potato soup with a napkin. (Again, a rare event worthy of record. ) The napkin fell into the soup and vesuvian-like soup and napkin chunks spewed all over my temporarily immaculate microwave. I decided to forgo future efforts at microwave maintenance.

A cow died in the trees on the ridge immediately behind the house. It is not reachable with backhoe, tractor, or skidloader. It is rank. We have a new theme song:

Jesus loves me when I smell
All the stink where we do dwell.
He can make that dead cow rot
Or we'll cook it in a pot.

Yes, we'll make soup
It looks like goop
We need a dupe
. . . . .

Sorry, that's where my talents as a lyricist gave out. I was stumped for a suitable finale. For some reason my kids thought it was hilarious...my husband not so much. I'm pretty sure he thinks I should take my talents on the road....and leave them there.

Jamison's cow had a heifer calf last night. His herd just doubled. He decided to name her Crystal "...if she's a beauty."

What do you think?

He named her Crystal.

There were four little darlings in the pen. Three of them are heifer calves. Kaitlyn likes them too. :)
Megan and Davis rode with Kenton in the planter this afternoon and evening. I can't figure out if they're just after his lunch and ice tea or if they're trying to get out of work at home.

This is Kenton's current home away from home. (I must be going through a theme song phase. Bear with me, please. This situation just demands one.) How about "On the Road Again" only for corn planting farmers we'd have to change that to " On the Row Again."

Yesterday Jamison informed me that he and Davis are going to be farmers when they grow up...unless God wants them to do something else. Well, actually, Davis is going to farm and Jamison is going to use his helicopter to take all the extra food to people who need it.

HUGE thanks to my Aunt Helen for putting potentially scary news into perspective. I will sleep tonight.

In fact, I will lay me down in peace and sleep. Good night.

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