Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Moving to Ireland

We're putting our house up for sale and moving to Ireland.


Snakes! I hate, detest, abhor, and any other word or phrase that you can think of that pertains to utter terror. We've seen a number outside this spring. Ugh, ugh and ugh again! I hate them. One was big enough I just heaved the blade of the spade his directions as hard as I could and ran.

I don't think I got him.

He came to haunt me.

I found him. In my house. After church. He brought his spouse with him.

He slid back into the laundry room where his spouse remained.

This is not a problem.

I never liked doing laundry anyway and I hear that Ireland is lovely.


  1. What? Yuck! I hate them, too.

  2. Hilarious!!! O.K. maybe not but TERRIFYING! Good story.

  3. Yep! I'd be moving too, but I think I'd go to Hawaii.
    Hope the snake and his spouse don't have any little snakes while in the laundry room! :(