Friday, May 6, 2011

Growing Time

Yep, if you haven't figured it out already, we are hoping to adopt again. We're just starting the process so we have a long wait ahead of us, maybe around a year. We're hoping to go back to China and we'd like to keep our birth order intact and we're split as to whether boy or we're saying either and recognizing that it will probably be a boy.

Milk dud report: we've finally had some dry weather. Kenton planted 15 acres of oats and has started planting soybeans.

We finished school for the year yesterday. Previous experience has taught me that the May farming rush and school don't work well together. There are too many interruptions. Plus the weather is nice and the season of cooperation between teacher and pupils is OVER.

Much as I love Northern Minnesota, I think this is one of the most beautiful places to live. It was a beautiful day yesterday. The kids enjoyed the novelty of being outside on an old mattress and spitting sunflower seeds shells into the grass.

Summer vacation has officially begun. We have lots planned: Cousins here for July, church conference, choral camp for Jamison and Megan, a trip to Minnesota and not to mention the routine of gardening, yard work, canning, and playing catch up after a crazy school year.


  1. So I see you took your Sonlight catalog pic for next year.....:)

  2. Oh, yes, but I'm saving the best one to send in to Sonlight. Do you think they'd be impressed if I mention that my reason for choosing their curriculum is that I'm too lazy to look for something better? :P

  3. Happy Summer Vacation!
    These are the times I wish we home schooled. :) It's when I'm actually home schooling that I am glad I am NOT home schooling!!

  4. Oh so are we in competition for the best Sonlight picture? I wonder if I have my children wearing native garb, carrying firewood on their heads, hauling water, all the while reading Sonlight books out loud to the 20 Indian children gathered around them..... I'll work on that!