Monday, May 2, 2011

Teeth, Bambi, Eggs, and Lego Creations

Davis lost his first tooth last week. He was complaining about how his tooth hurt and I noticed that the other one was IN at a 45 degree angle behind it! Ugh! As soon as it was out, another tooth decided it wanted to sleep in the middle of the gum bed. How's this for a snaggle-tooth look?

The next day tooth number two came out. Why is that my kids always think that empty tooth spots must be filled with a tongue in pictures?
Kaitlyn is feeling left out. She insists that her teeth are wiggling and ready to come out too.
Bambi + long grass + lime spreader = not a good combination. Bambi sustained an injury. Kaitlyn kept saying that Bambi needed his mommy as the poor thing bleated and tried to drag himself away. I thought I saved myself the need to explain the facts of life(and death) by saying that the DNR was coming to get Bambi. Of course, Jamison had to ask WHAT they were going to do to front of the others! Boy, the older they get the bigger pain-in-the-necks they can be. They were all set to make him their new pet, feed him with a baby bottle, keep him under the porch, etc.
Kenton found this nest up in the haymow.
I have a love-hate relationship with legos. I consider them a mandatory part of childhood. I'm stunned that they don't appear on the list of necessary equipment for childhood in What to Expect When You're Expecting. Surely every child must learn to survive his/her
parents' wrath when they've stepped on the vile things. Surely to win a mother badge one must squat, lean over, and pick up legos in every corner of every room in the house multiple times whilst vacuuming!
those stupid bits of plastic crafted to send pain rushing through every nerve of the body from pierced foot to brain in nanoseconds entertain my children almost every day! As much as I ENDURE the resulting mess, I love the creativity I see because of them. I can probably recreate a good portion of my boys' lives just in pictures of lego projects.

Playdough on the other hand...I think mothers who let their children play with playdough regularly should be put on the short list for sainthood. If you wisely clean up immediately afterward(you know, instead of letting the bits and pieces get tracked all over your house), then you should just be raptured to the pearly gates.
I would not be among you.

Milk dud report: Water, water everywhere and lots to drink. Our new theme song should be Rain, rain go away, come again some other month. We're at least a week behind last year. Nothing has been planted this year yet. Kenton might do more no-till than he originally planned. Today he spread lime. Carl plowed the Beitzel farm the end of last week. You know that you've been on the farm a long time when a plowed field looks beautiful. :P

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  1. Davis makes me swoon with those beautiful blues! And, I want to come live with you! I love the various wildlife/nature at your place. It is so great for the kids to grow up in that environment.