Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jamison and Megan: Mom, you know that kid named Plankton we were playing soccer with?
Mom: Guys, his name is NOT Plankton! It's Peyton!

Ahhhh, soccer season! That time of the year when parents spend time and energy to sit in the cold, wind, and rain watching their kids kick a ball. Okay, I spend more time chatting than I do watching the game.

And because I'm ultra-cheap sometimes....I won't spend money on sports pictures. I'd rather just take my own. Granted, the quality is not as good. :P

I was able to get Megan bumped up to Jamison's team which saves me tons of extra running...and since the U-10 field is bigger gives her tons of extra running. :) I think they are really enjoying it. Both of them have friends from church on their team and they have a great coach.
I don't have an individual picture of Davis because he rubbed his filthy soccer ball on his brand new shirt minutes before I took his picture. I was somewhat torqued!
He's loving his first round of soccer. After his first game he informed me that he wants to play next year. That's planning ahead. He also has a terrific coach.

I never pictured myself as a parent willing to run for sports. Having kids sure changes things.

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  1. We LOVE soccer at our house. It is truly the only sport that exists!