Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kaitlyn Ying

Kaitlyn is a lot of fun. She brings a lot of joy into our lives everyday as most three-year-olds do. Of course, along with that fun she brings a ton of work. She loves "to help." She watches everything and hates being left out...with the sole exception of picking up toys. Much of the time her contributions are helpful like emptying the dishwasher. The rest of the time...oh, my!

For example, she knows that "some" clothes go back into the drawers. To cover all the bases she puts everything back into the drawers....countless outfit changes, dirty underwear, her sister's clothes, and the occasional nighttime wet pull-up. Oh, joy! Naturally I'm not organized enough to check things out everyday so things are pretty ripe by the time I put away a load of clean clothes.

The highlight of her life is Wednesday morning nursery school and Sunday school. She asks just about everyday if it's time for one or the other. She has gone through a bit of an insecure streak lately. She desperately wants to go, hounds me to get out the door, and then wants ME to stay when she arrives. No go! Mean, old mom makes her choose to stay alone or leave with me. Until today she's always chosen to stay. She went to Dad's Sunday school class today. Deep disappointment resulted in many sobs during church when she realized she'd missed her opportunity. At bedtime tonight she said, "Yingying go to Sunday school. I a big girl!" I have a feeling her desire to go is going to beat her insecurity. And yes, sometimes she's still Yingying.

Firefighter? Flame of genius? Facing the wrath of mom?
No, celebrating Pentecost.

Kaitlyn is continuing to bond with Kenton. She's the first kid I've had that was pretty much of a mama's girl. The other kids all "got it" that dad is the coolest. It hurts my heart a little to see her occasionally reject him. I've loved seeing that several times lately she's dumped me for dad...even when it's because she knows the big, old marshmallow will give her what she wants. Secure attachment at this point is worth being manipulated for. Miss Yingying loves cheese. That whole Asian children are lactose intolerant thing does not apply in this household. (Good thing since we're dairy farmers, eh?) After several days of being pretty miserable with a cold and fever she started to feel better and was chilling out with a cheese stick.

Looks pretty comfy, doesn't she?

Milk dud report: The weather has been pretty atrocious for planting. I think we got 3.5 inches of rain this past week. Ugh! Kenton finally planted some more corn on Saturday. Some hose broke around 8:30 Saturday night when he had 1.5 acres yet to finish at Luke's. Mr. Glass-is-half-full was a little frustrated but relieved that it hadn't happened that morning. Today was another beautiful day but they're calling for a chance of thunderstorms all week. He mentioned being a little tempted to plant today. He also chuckled and admitted that it was probably his desperate need for a nap rather than his personal beliefs that kept him out of the fields. :P He has 120 of the 350 acres of corn planted that he hopes to get done. I don't think he's finished planting the beans (soy) and it will soon be time for hay. Hopefully he can keep busy. :)

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  1. What a sweet post about your daughter. She sure has changed! Never a dull moment, huh?