Sunday, August 28, 2011


Kenton, Jamison, and Megan ran a 5K yesterday.

Turns out Jamison is no longer following in his Dad's footsteps. As Jamison hit the finish line someone asked him where he left his dad. His response was...

"In the dust!"

It will be a while till Kenton lives that one down. :-P

Jamison ran the 5K in 27:15. That's pretty good for a ten-year-old. It took Kenton (with Megan) 31:34. Kenton says he could have done it faster...but not faster than Jamison.

Milk Dud Report: We bought a large square baler. Now he's going to fix the large square baler. The trial run proves it needs some work. (For Dennis: a picture will follow soon. The knotter needs some adjustment.) The farmer in the dell is getting ready to spend big's time to update. He's busy pricing structures, equipment, etc. (So sorry, robots! You're not cost effective for us.) Milk prices are great; keep drinking!

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