Saturday, August 20, 2011

The New Version of "Would You Like to See Slides of our Trip?"

Things that make our vacation special: (NO, mosquitoes do not appear on this list. I would be totally happy along with everyone else if Noah had left them off the ark.)

Relatives. Lots of relatives. My cousin Chris and his family were visiting from California. Alex, Nick, and Tommy were wonderful to my kids. Tommy helped Kaitlyn catch a fish. His fishing rod may never be the same, but she had a memorable time.
After supper, I saw Davis slip over to Alex, "Do you want to go fishing with me again?" Alex was an awfully good sport.
I could sure use an Alex and Nick living next door.
An impromptu mini-reunion meant I got to see some special people I haven't seen in a long time. Uncle Jim and Sheri were two.

These two sneaky cousins armed with water guns are after Uncle Dennis.

Does Uncle Dennis look a little damp? Jeff's grin makes me wonder if he put them up to this.

Looks like Uncle Dennis isn't the only one who got wet. : )

A bunch of the aunts and mom. (Notice that green plaid wallpaper? Mom has this thing for green plaid wallpaper. Twelve-step programs must be available somewhere for this addiction.)

This is my grandma's side of Crooked Lake. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks off the dock just like I did. Look at all that blue!

One HUGE highlight of this trip was seeing my new nephew Lucas. If all goes well tonight Kim and Joe will bring him home tomorrow! Remember he wasn't due until September 23!

Here's a little perspective. Honestly, my sister does not have gigantic hands. What a precious miracle. Thank you for all your prayers.

M&ms from Uncle Bob, root beer floats with Auntie Sandy, four-wheeler visits from Uncle Jack, and a bed turning with my Aunt Helen are usually regular events.

From the bed turning...
I THINK this is the quilt I want to make for #5. I need to go through my fabric stash and see what I can come up with. Kenton hates it but he's not making or using it, so tough. :P

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see bald eagles on Crooked Lake. This one had a nest across from my parents. At one point both of its young were flying with it.

My brother Steve and Kenton took a quick look at the miracle and hopped the bus to the airport before heading home.

Hey, just think, at least this way you can "watch" at your own speed or "head home" before the "show" was over.

Actually, one more day of this business, sorry. :P


  1. Looks like fun! All the lakes are one of the things I miss about MN.
    Any news on #5 yet?

  2. #5? Not a word. I'm dedicating this coming week to dossier completion. UGH!
    I'm hoping that we have a referral in the next month or so...but God moves in mysterious ways and I'm TRYING to wait on Him.
    Thanks, Sandy. :)