Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Superior Zoo

If you're expecting animal pics...sorry, the Lake Superior Zoo was not superior. Frankly, it was pretty lame. It had an impressive set of lions, a tiger, and fun sea lions...but unless you love turtles, lizards, birds, etc. it was disappointing.

Fortunately we brought our own fun zoo with us. Our animals were much more entertaining.

Grandma treated them to a train ride...and was the only adult willing to accompany them. Is she a good sport or what?

Her dad is saying, "DON'T GET ANY IDEAS!"

Guess who is the biggest drama queen in our family!

Short on animals but large on scenery was Lake Superior Zoo. If they'd just get their animals up to their landscaping it would be terrific. Did I mention they might want to shoot those fowl fowl known as geese?

Maryland is beautiful...but I'm not sure it tops Minnesota.

This is the let's get a cousin picture...pre-Dairy Queen promise. Cooperative bunch, eh?

It's amazing how a trip to DQ sweetens kids up.

I saved the best for last.

Do you think Kaitlyn is rushing the whole Prince Charming thing?

Okay, I lied. One more day of vacation pics coming. Sorry.

Lucas came home today. He'll probably be waking my sister up a lot from now on. That ought to be fun, eh?

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