Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We started school today. One day down. One Hundred Seventy-nine days to go.

Turns out the decision to homeschool based on adoption travel was maybe not a necessary choice. Things are not going as planned. Looks like it may be next summer before we travel. Although, depending on the season that WE may become I. Now there's a short-term money saving proposition that could wind up with mom in a straight jacket and padded room.

Two words sum up my feelings on today and its news:

Bummer, Dude!


  1. Bummer, Dude! Maybe we can talk someday soon...

  2. Holly....you do NOT have 179 more days...seriously! I just read about your trip to Minnesota..a trip to the zoo! Please give yourself credit...for all those field trips. Have the kids draw a picture or write a paragraph about the experience. Loose those chains of government school expectations! Be free, girl!

  3. Well, I'm not that exacting :P It's more the idea that I've tied myself into homeschooling for a school year. Again.
    I LOVE my kids and have a great batch! I enjoy having homework free evenings and busy, happy children. I do NOT enjoy having my mornings tied up with school. :P
    But thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. Yet more evidence that the myth of the superwoman remains just that...a myth! :)

  5. I have NO idea why I get that big long string of gobbledegoop when I post.....