Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Hard to Believe...

That once upon a time these TWO families had infertility troubles.

Yep, that's how this friendship started.

It's always a treat when Paul and Saralee bring their crew our direction so we can catch up. Ou girls loved games, card tricks, and nail polish with Rebekah, Grace, and Abby and the boys had fun hanging out with Benjamin. It's fun to hear from couples whose children are approaching adulthood: What did you do right? What would you do differently? Any advice?

If anybody else would like to add, we'd LOVE to hear it!


  1. So true!!! What a brood!!! 14 years of friendship and counting...the treat is OURS. <3

  2. I've 2 on adulthood and feel like I've made so many mistakes. For me, I wish I would have been more quick to listen and so slow to speak. Wow! God's word is full of wisdom.

    What a blessing to have such a sweet friendship.