Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun at the Lake

When we're in Minnesota we like to spend lots of time in the water...of course, part of this is because Mosquitoes don't bite underwater.

The kids were having a wonderful time catching frogs and minnows one cool day. Dad and Kenton gave them a thrill by seining a catch to add to their collection.
Waiting on the catch
Racing to get the most minnows
To the delight of the kids, some fish wound up in the catch. Megan grabbed this northern.

Megan, armed with a noodle, taking on the boys.

Preparing a minnow/frog habitat

Frogs in a bucket

Jaycie and Mandy

Dad and Jeff like a fire.

Jamison loved this little boat. It didn't take him long to get it figured out.

This is it. You are now safe from the dreaded "vacation slides".

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