Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Steps

Disclaimer:  This is half blog/ half family journal.  Many times it's just an easier way for me to keep track of what's going on with our family.  Also, my computer seems to have eaten my camera program.  It may be a few days.

We've not seen Emily walk independently. She would toddle along holding your finger for a few paces, stand alone wobbly and nervous for a second or two, but not walk alone.  Granted she's been pretty sick much of the time we've known her, so that could play in.

Yesterday she took some steps alone.  Not many.  But steps.  Megan was helping her play her current favorite game:  hold hands and walk to the kitchen and back to the living room.    She would take a few wobbly steps alone and launch herself into the nearest waiting arms for hugs and praise with big smiles lighting her face.

She was excited about trying this morning.  Until Kaitlyn gave her a big hug, got knocked off balance,  and the two rolled back until Emily's head hit concrete.  End of game.  No walking for now.

We took a trip to the doctor.  Emily is 30 inches tall and weighs 21 lbs.  Weight and height she's off the charts but her pumpkin head puts her on.  :-)

Emily likes to throw things.  This morning it was cucumbers.  She'd give the naughtiest, most charming smile and down would drop the cucumber.  I took them away but tried again later.  She took one bite and before I could grab it, with a naughty smile down it went.  We had the same experience with dry cereal.  Something to work on.  

The other kids are all adjusting pretty well to Emily.  It's obvious that E. considers Kaitlyn a threat.  She's not wild about sharing my lap and will push, hit, or scratch attempting to drive Kaitlyn away.  Kaitlyn has been overall pretty good about being gentle and loving with her...much more gentle and loving than I would be in her shoes.  Davis likes to get right in her face and smile.  It's not E's favorite form of affection.   Jamison and Megan get smiles just by walking into the room.

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