Friday, August 17, 2012


 Thanks to Kevin Maust I have PICTURES.  (Janelle, you can now stop wanting to punch my computer.  :P)

Emily MeiPan

Being the center of attention is always good, right?

Tianshui SWI staff and us.
The Director is behind Kenton, to Emily's right is the Assistant Director, accountant, and Emily's nanny. 

Emily and her nanny.  
Parting was hard on both of them.

See!  I'm already feeling better!


 Inspite of her crabby expression, Emily is loving the older kids.  

Thanks, Kevin (and CINDY!) for all your help.


  1. Oh my! She is just squishy cute! Well all your kids are! You guys have such good genes! And adoptive genes. Your oldest daughter has such a refreshing look about her. Stunning. Enjoy that huge crew.

  2. Hooray for getting to see pictures!

  3. Emily is totally adorable! Fits into your family quite nicely, I might add! Sooo happy for you & for us who get to be around her! May the blessings continue!

  4. How PRECIOUS!!! She is such a cutie-patootie! She looks like she fits in so perfectly with the other kids. Thanks for posting pictures.....she is simply beautiful. :-)

  5. she is BEAUTIFUL! as is the rest of your family of course! loved reading all your posts about grieving - it's hard to look at it as a good thing, but it definitely needs to happen. trying to keep preparing myself for those moments.

  6. She is a doll! And my goodness, with all of the issues she had, she looks so healthy! I'm sure the other children are loving on her day and night.....and that's what she needs. Congratulations again, and if you need any advice on making congee, give me a call!

  7. Holly, I am just so excited to read about your family and the adoptions! I 'found' your blog when Joyce Perraho emailed a prayer request about Emily's sickness. I have been excited and following your story ever since. We are living over here in Thailand! Maybe someday I will meet up with you again ... if not on this side of Heaven then there! Renita (Hostetler) Rhodes