Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heading to Hong Kong

Today is our last day in Guangzhou.  Emily is still doing well.  She is still not drinking a whole lot but we're finally seeing some poop (TMI, I know!) and no more diarhea or puke.  She likes to eat.  We got some great pictures of her excitement when the pizza box was opened. 
Kenton and Jamison toured the Canton Tower today so they are all excited.  The other kids and I hung out, packed some, and went to the pool.  Tonight we're going out for pizza with Jason and Katie Brabson and LingLing.  Emily should be in heaven.  :D
Tomorrow morning we head for Hong Kong to fly home.  We're hoping for an uneventful trip. 
Overall everyone is happy to be heading home.  We can't wait to share Emily with you and gratefully hug a few necks. 
More and PICTURES when we are finally home. 
Thank you all for your prayers.  We are eternally grateful.

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  1. Yiipppeee!! Praying for an uneventful return home! Pack up some of that pizza for Emily to eat on the trip home. LOL!!