Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still Not Eating

Emily has been out of the hospital for a day now.  She is refusing to eat.  She had some rice cereal this morning.  Maybe one cup total.  Nothing else.  No liquid.  We thought maybe taking her out a little would get her a little interested in life and she'd try but absolutely no way. 
Yesterday we had some tears, today no tears, one wet diaper. 
I'm desperate here.  WHAT should I try?   Here's what hasn't worked: pedialyte, water (without cheerios - but now I'm out of those), Sprite, tea, fruit, apple juice.  All she'll occasionally try is congee and rice cereal.  She would LOVE to have some French fries or meat but she can't have those.  Any suggestions?  
I can't access blogger here in China, so if you have some suggestions PLEASE email us at hollyinmaryland@yahoo.com

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  1. My oldest daughter rarely had water in her orphanage. She rarely drinks it now, or any liquid for that matter. I have to tell her to finish her drink. But, I think congee is a good thing because it does have liquid. Watermelon is very hydrating. If you can get some fruits in her, that might get her to feel better. I personally wouldn't want to drink either. Bless her! And you! She'll be fine.