Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Birthday

 Set the stage:  Find yourself a nice version of  Fanfare to the Common Man.  This one is my boys' favorite.

Now wish my husband a Happy Birthday.  

(Ignore the candles.  I'm not very good at planning ahead.  He's actually 43.) 

Guarding pistachios with both hands.  

Monopoly: the new favorite game around here.    

(Good thing the kids love it, because I have standards and refuse to play any game that cannot be completed within one evening.  To make matters worse, they write up IOUs and loan each other money.  It's the game that NEVER ends!)

Happy Birthday!

(Thanks, Nick and Wendy, for the cake.  It is delicious!)


  1. Happy, happy birthday Kenton!! You are a godly man whom we appreciate a lot! Love you cuz!