Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goings On

 If you're in the mood to play pioneer while wearing your favorite leotard, come on over.  We have the perfect free (with the purchase of a dryer) box to play in, because, you know, no living room is complete without the addition of a dryer box.  Yes, my mother five states away is cringing at the thought of seeing that dryer box in the living room the next time she comes to visit.  Don't worry, mom, by that time they'll be done with it.

Emily has learned to say cheese and smile when the camera comes out.  She also loves to color (I've never had a 2-year-old who would sit and color for more than 60 seconds before) and sing la, la, la many times a day.  She started a new trick this evening.  Go to bed and strip.  The first time it was comical.  The second time she'd peed in the crib and I wasn't amused.  I changed the sheet and found a safety pin to keep that zipper where it belongs.

Our newly turned five-year-old is having a hard time.  She's a little insecure with mom being gone so much.  Lots of whining.  I need to make more of an effort to snuggle her and spend time with her.  Tonight she made herself, Lydia, and Pinky a nest in the dryer box.

Davis keeps us chuckling.  He likes to snuggle, will spend ten minutes transcribing ONE science answer if he's feeling uncooperative, feels about John Deere like I feel about books (So many books, so little time), is a people person, wants Emily to adore him but doesn't quite have the maturity to pamper her like Jamison and Megan do, and has a big sense of humor.
One night I was riding the plank to untwist a cow's uterus (you do know about this, right?), I was a bit nervous about being between two sets of hooves as Kenton, Jamison, and Megan rolled the cow.  I added a few expressive sound effects to the drama.  When the uterus was back to normal, the little smart mouth commented, "Good show, mom!"

Megan is taking piano lessons this year (Yes, I gave up and decided the only way to be semi-consistent was to pay someone to do it.  I cringe every time I write a check.)  She's a big help. She's been busy  knitting baby hats.

Well, I guess I missed Jamison in this unintentional line-up.  He's my fix-it man.  I suspect he's a future farmer, missionary, or engineer.  He got excited about trapping this fall and built his own...well, some kind of special pigeon trap.  He loves to work in the shop.
I hate and detest science.  I read it to the kids but we're doing this horrible stuff about electricity and magnets and...ugh!  It's really horrid...I don't understand any of it.  When we get to questions, I no longer bother about being subtle, I head right to the answer sheet.  Jamison knows almost EVERYTHING...and UNDERSTANDS it.  It's kind of freaky that the kid who struggles so much in some areas, totally gets this rotten science junk.  It's wonderful, mind you, just surprising.  Carbon dating, silicate uses, magnets to run engines...I don't ever remember learning any of that stuff...well, actually I obviously never learned it, but I don't remember ever hearing it either.  Ugh!

Oh, twisted uterus, (Remember my standard disclaimer: DON'T EVER QUOTE ME!) : Sometimes the uterus twists and the calf can't come out.  The Farmer in the Dell tips the cow over on her side and lays a plank against her stomach.  Someone weights the plank (BE NICE!) while the others roll the cow over.  Seriously!
The first time Kenton told me that I was sure he thought I must be dumber than said plank.  I wasn't falling for his spoof.  Go figure, his dad gave me the same tall tale!  I was sure they were in cahoots to see how much I'd fall for.  What do you know, that is the way they do it!

Stay tuned for more exciting farm stories...did you know a cow can push out her calf bed (uterus)?


  1. Ah, looks like our living room. With a few exceptions...the box is a freezer box and the residents are not pioneers but raccoons!

  2. My kids love playing in boxes. That should always be one of the Christmas presents. Oh, and science? This year I bought the video classes. I'm lost in that subject. But, good for your son! It will serve him well.

  3. What impressed me most about this post is that Davis is able to button his shirt when it's on inside out. :) Miss you!

    1. HAHAHA! I was hoping no one would catch that. :P It just means that this shirt was worn on a previous day, turned inside out when removed by pulling over his head,, and put on that way...for the second day in a row. :P I give up. There MUST be more important things than hygiene, right?

  4. OK I thought for sure you were sticking your hand in that poor cow's privates and untwisting her uterus!! So relieved that you weren't!! (: Love the box! My girls have always loved the boxes. Even Syd at 7yo will climb in the little ones and slide around on them.
    Love ya!

    1. I have standards. I will not stick my arm inside a cow. :D

      Oddly, my husband has no trouble sticking his arm up to his shoulder inside a cow, but gags at diapers. Explain that! :P